“What a great class! I love your enthusiasm and really learned a lot.”

“Superb workshop! I learned much from the plethora of useful information ranging from assessments to program workups, and from related measures to evaluation levels. Thank you for sharing your expertise, professionalism and experience. This workshop has provided me with excellent tools, formulas and resources.”

“Steve, your inspiring and insightful presentation was transformative. Many of our attendees listed elements of your presentation as one of the top three things they learned that day that they would be able to apply to their job right away in order to be more strategic.”

"Steve . . .takes what some might consider a dry subject and makes it understandable and approachable.  He can assist businesses in knowing when and how to use performance measurements to their best advantage.”

“What I saw was you in your natural element, doing a stellar performance.“

“Thank you for your recent presentation, which was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. I appreciate your sending the document, as I wasn't able to get everything written down. You covered so much in one hour!”

“Steve was great! Knowledgeable, interesting & engaging.”

“Thank you again for an excellent experience in the seminar. The presentation illuminated a previously murky subject area for me – one I very much wanted to understand. My confidence has increased dramatically which has increased my optimism, job satisfaction, and engagement. All in a one day class. Wow!”

HR Futures - Solving the people problems of growth
HR Futures

What We Do

You are unique
, your circumstances are not the same as those of others, and a "one size fits all" approach likely will not fit you very well at all.

We offer a variety of services depending on your circumstances, and more information on those is provided below. But more than anything else, we offer the interest, patience and expertise to make certain that your unique needs and circumstances are the foundation upon which we build. Click on the items below for more information on the forms this may take.

> HR Strategy and Operations
> Workforce Diagnostics and Analytics
> Data-Driven Leadership
> Executive Advising
> Presentations and Public Speaking
> Litigation Consulting

Presentations and Public Speaking

Reignite the passion in your audience. Dr. McElfresh delivers high-impact presentations to executive groups, professional associations, and corporate teams.  Most can be given as an invigorating keynote, a conference presentation, or an all-day, hands-on workshop with walk-away tools and individualized plans for building on the foundation given.

For general management, such talks include:
> Managing Virtual Organizations: Making Global Work    Work
> The Profit Machine: Growing and Keeping Talented    Employees
> 2015: Preparing for the New American Workplace
> Master Fear and Uncover Hidden Opportunities

HR-specific topics include:
> Developing an HR Strategy: Alignment on What    Matters
> The Business Case for HR - aka, Running HR as a    Business
> Innovative HR Metrics, ROI and Analytics
> HR Benchmarking and Best Practice Analysis

Custom presentations can be developed for specific programs. Let us know now how we might help add impact to your event. Contact HRF.

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