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You are unique
, your circumstances are not the same as those of others, and a "one size fits all" approach likely will not fit you very well at all.

We offer a variety of services depending on your circumstances, and more information on those is provided below. But more than anything else, we offer the interest, patience and expertise to make certain that your unique needs and circumstances are the foundation upon which we build. Click on the items below for more information on the forms this may take.

> HR Strategy and Operations
> Workforce Diagnostics and Analytics
> Data-Driven Leadership
> Executive Advising
> Presentations and Public Speaking
> Litigation Consulting

Data-Driven Leadership

Could you be more successful if you could ask everyone “How is it going?” with the merger, new product, reorganization, or global expansion? And ask in a way that you really understand what they are saying, regardless of whether they number in hundreds or hundreds of thousands? Regardless of where they live or the language they speak?

Could you be more successful if every month you could see trends in engagement, commitment, or productivity of all employees –by division, department and manager?

As companies grow, it is harder to keep people connected between units, or even between management levels within a unit. HR Futures will help you keep communication open, ideas flowing, and leadership closely linked to ebb and flow of your most valuable assets – the commitment and innovative energy of great employees. We make tangible the challenge of managing intangible assets.

We will install tools to enable an on-going conversation between employees and senior management, one that “pulses” employees to quickly bring emerging issues to your attention and provide a continuing assessment of your progress. You can use this system to converse with a limited group of employees or everyone at once. And your employees can be entirely candid because they know we protect their identity.

Our tools are entirely web-based and require nothing of your IT department. You can be up and operating in days.

Let's talk about how this system can be of use to you. Contact HRF.

Data-Driven Leadership

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